Zena Rommett Floor-barre®Technique

Tisdagar: 17.00-18.30 Floor-barre®balett Balettakademien

18.35-20.05 Intermediate Balett Balettakademien.

Fredagar 18-19.30 Intermediate 3 Balett


Zoom klasser:                 
Tisdagar 8.30-9.30 Floor-barre® 150 kr/gång Anmälan charlottefurst@telia.com

Onsdagar 19.00-20.30. Floor-barre®/balett,150 kr/gång. Anmälan charlottefurst@telia.com

Fredagar 16.00-17.30 Floor-barre®/balett,150 kr/gång. Anmälan charlottefurst@telia.com

Lördagar 16.00-17.30 Floor-barre®/balett,150 kr/gång. Anmälan charlottefurst@telia.com

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Foundation is pleased to announce the certifications for summer of 2023: seminars July 26-30 in Barcelona, Aug 17-20 in New York.  

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Foundation is pleased to announce: 
Europe 2023, Floor-barre® certification seminar, zoom November 9-12. Europe hrs 16-22.
Floor-Barre® certifications seminar. These seminars were done beautifully through Zoom.
Floor-Barre® Certification has been offered in Europe since 2012. Florence, Venice and Paris and is offered in New York yearly.
Senior teacher Charlotte Fürst teach at all seminars.

Floor-Barre® is a movement technique helping the dancer refine the body alignment and release tension throughout the body.
It strengthens the muscles and joints, rehabilitates and prevents injuries
Floor-Barre is done on the floor and prepares the body in a simple and beautiful way for the standing movement. It supports your dance technique of any style, bringing a strong center and long lines into focus.
You develop an awareness of your own body and ability, and through respecting that, improvement comes quickly.

The technique is gentle yet very effective and brings you to work in an honest way.
Floor-Barre™ combines ballet with anatomical principles of alignment. Using the floor, Floor-Barre™ strengthens and properly corrects the placement of the pelvis, hips and back. Your mind and body are concentrated and engaged to work together. This in itself is relaxing with a solid focus.
You will do simple yet strengthening movements, while lying on the floor, with careful guidance and precise instruction.
Zena Rommett, New York, created floor-barre in the 1960th. 

Charlotte started teaching the method in 1978 and taught dancers at The Royal Swedish Ballet from 1993. 
Charlotte gives private lessons to dancers in New York. "Charlotte brings some amazing elements to Zena' s technique, while keeping the purity and integrity of the technique." Dancer, New York.
Charlotte is certified by Zena in the Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Technique, and is now a Master teacher.

Article in the New York dance blog about the New York seminar of 2012.